Letter: Stop bashing Jeffrey Archer

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From Dr Malcolm Craig

Sir: Here we go again, bashing one of our most successful writers who gives pleasure and relaxation, to so many people. What arrogance comes from the pen of Brian Appleyard ("Lord of the nation's bad taste", 5 September). We all bring our own perception to what can be considered a "good" or a "bad" novel and it is rather silly to suggest that clear criteria exist to guide us in this respect. Many people, myself included, still enjoy the works of Somerset Maugham but he has never been considered a "great" writer.

I feel that Jeffrey Archer is suffering the same fate at the hands of bigots. However, there is one thing in this latest bashing for Jeffrey to be pleased about and that is being compared unfavourably with Critchley and Hattersley: this is praise indeed.


Malcolm Craig