Letter: Stop treating men as morons

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Sir: Let's hope that company executives and advertisers took note of Jack O'Sullivan's article (Tabloid; "Real men don't get a look-in", 28 April).

I am one of those men who have accepted the collective rubbishing of our lives, yet have not voiced frustration with the present portrayal of men in adverts and soap operas (though I have little time to see the latter). I see men who work hard to support their families, set aside at least one night a week for time with their wife and children and still find time to provide service in the community rather than visit the pub or golf course. I deplore the depiction of women as sex objects, but two demeaning portrayals don't make a right.

Women have rightly gained increasing respect for their role in and out of the home but the tendency to portray men as infantile morons does nothing for either cause. Only when both sexes respect each other can the collective confidence of the sexes be improved.

For the sake of company profits, the executives ought to be aware that in our home more than half the weekly shopping is done by the father.