Letter: Strategy for entry

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Sir: The plight of Stella Faulkner ('How good must you be?', 13 May) illustrates only too clearly that the present system of pre-A-level applications to universities is both unsuccessful and unfair.

While it is possible for teachers to glean some information from admissions tutors as to their policies, it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to advise pupils to submit applications that will lead to success. For arts and social sciences applicants, strategy, unfortunately, is as important as choice of course or university. But who can plan a successful strategy from patchy information and unpredictable factors?

Replacing the present unwieldy system of pre-A-level application by a streamlined post-A-level system would save our universities and students time, money and heartache. It cannot happen too soon.

Yours faithfully,


University Adviser

Cheltenham Ladies' College

Cheltenham, Gloucester