Letter: Stressful car lights

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Sir: Carl Gardner's article on 28 April and John F. Meakin's letter (5 May) express concern at the excessive lighting of roads and buildings. Am I alone in wishing to complain about the over-intensive light from motor vehicles? Halogen lamps in most modern cars and lorries produce far more light than drivers need, especially in built-up areas, and are therefore wasteful of energy.

Worse, however, is the hazard such lights create for oncoming traffic. Even dipped headlights dazzle, and the glare from a stream of vehicles can be overwhelming, making less well-lit objects, including cyclists and pedestrians, virtually invisible.

Any benefit such lights may give to drivers behind the lamps must surely be outweighed by the stress caused to those travelling in the opposite direction, and the danger to all who may be hidden in their wake.

Yours faithfully,


Gidea Park,


6 May