Letter: Stuff the US

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Decca Aitkenhead is right in underlining the importance of Oasis to this generation as its first mass superstars ("Real superstars don't need stunts", 15 September), but she has missed a vital point in saying "we want America to love Oasis, too". The idea of needing US approval to validate our musical tastes is a relic of the generation Ms Aitkenhead rightly bemoans, one that saw The Beatles "conquer" the States. The point of Britpop was to prove that British bands had finally found a voice to distinguish them from US grunge and the bland rock of the 1960s survivors. Do we really want Oasis to become another U2 or Rolling Stones, bloated and arrogant from Stateside success?

The US has so far not been seduced by our house and jungle music, nor by Take That and East 17, so why should they fall for Oasis when we don't go overboard for the Smashing Pumpkins and gangsta rap? Times have changed and it is refreshing to see British bands such as Oasis doing well without worrying about "breaking" America.

Darryl Chamberlain

London SE10