LETTER : Stunt `reward' for a runaway

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From Dr Helen Dalton

Sir: I do not condemn Peter Kerry. He is a child, I would surmise by his recent notorious journey, who is having difficulties accepting the values and morality of the society in which we all have to live.

Peter's "adventure" has even served as a useful exercise within our family as we have tried to imagine what circumstances would persuade a young teenager to steal his father's credit card and passport, and to start upon such a journey. Our reasons have been varied but the conclusion that it was "the wrong thing to do", whatever the provocations, was unanimous.

Peter has, however, been portrayed as a hero by some of the national media coverage of his exploits, with the ultimate hero's reward, courtesy of Channel 4, of a trip to New York. How do we explain this to our children?

Yours sincerely,


Datchet, Berkshire

3 March