Letter: Stupid drug law makes folly a crime

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Sir: On 12 August I wrote, in relation to the jailing of my son James, about the persecution of our children by the justice system. Well we've done it again ("Woman, 22, jailed for giving friend ecstasy", 16 August).

Two girls went to a nightclub. One gave the other one ecstasy pill which she consumed with amphetamines and alcohol. She suffered a severe reaction and nearly died. The supplying girl was prosecuted; the consuming girl was not. The judge said supplying ecstasy had to be punished severely and sent her to prison for nine months.

The justice system has missed the point again: what caused the dangerous reaction was the combination of alcohol, amphetamines and ecstasy taken by very silly girls having fun.

Only nine people died last year from reactions to ecstasy. Forty thousand people died from the effects of alcohol.

None the less, once again the justice system picks out one vulnerable and foolish person who falls into its lap, and then sets about bullying her with a stupid and bigoted law, believing somehow the rest of us will be deterred.

When are we going to grow up and stop confusing youthful folly with crime?


Taunton, Somerset