Letter: Sudden approach of lawless cyclists

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Sir: Helen Newton (letter, 10 February) is "puzzled" by bridle path cyclists who encounter the kind of rudeness from walkers that she never seems to receive as a long distance horse-rider.

K J McLean (letter, 3 February), may well give what he calls a "salutation" to pedestrians exercising their right to walk. It would be much better if he possessed, as is required by law, a bicycle bell, a polite tinkle on which would advise walkers of his approach, hopefully at a reasonable speed. No "salutation" or similar gesture will appease the irritation we pedestrians suffer upon being suddenly quietly overtaken by a cyclist who ignores the laws of the land, whether it be on bridle path or pavement.

"Polite behaviour" has long vanished among the cycling fraternity.


Netley Abbey,