Letter: Suit yourself

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As A man, of course it would be easy to return to a system where my wife stayed at home to look after me and my children, but if I'm honest, this would be a model of a traditional mother, not a partner ("The ultimate male fantasy", Real Life, 16 March).

That is not what I want. I have chosen to be fully involved with my children and my community and believe this rather than my pay cheque to be the measure of success. But it has not been easy.

The clock will not turn neatly back. Our success as a civilised society at ease with itself depends upon our ability to encourage individuals to make a choice which suits their genuine wishes. Women should not be made to feel guilty if they wish to pursue work they love, and men need to be reassured that to be a good father and citizen is as important as being successful at work.

Peter Burton

Reading, Berkshire