Letter: Suits you, Tony

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TONY PARSONS' article "Why Men Leave" (Real Life, 21 February) made me really angry. His premise was that men see that women want it all - so this is what they have started to want themselves. The two idiots (men) that are mentioned are typical of a type of man who has been around since the beginning of time: rich, greedy and expecting to get what they want. This is what they are admired for - particularly by other men because they can get away with it.

The argument rests on the assumption that men and women are fundamentally equal; but men feel superior to women, have more money and power and this idea is so internalised by women that they believe it and support it without realising it. This suits men, and this suits Tony Parsons as this is just another example of men resisting women's attempts to be more equal.


London N19