Letter: 'Superwoman' is not that special

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'Superwoman' is not that special

Sir: Nicola Horlick is dubbed "superwoman" for her ability to combine her "hectic" family life with a demanding job in the City (report, 20 January).

Mrs Horlick works from choice, not necessity, and earns enough to afford two large homes, full-time child care and sufficient domestic help to enable her, for example, to fly off to Frankfurt at a moment's notice.

The real superwomen are those who have to work in order to make ends meet, often in jobs they do not enjoy, while at the same time struggling to bring their children up in unsuitable accommodation.

Adequate child care for these superwomen is not affordable; school holidays and childhood illnesses are major crises for them; and their family life, hectic or no, does not include high-earning investment banking husbands.


Reading, Berkshire