Letter: Supporters rally to defend a well-loved scavenger

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IT AMAZES me that Ross Clark should spout forth such utter misinformed rubbish ("Stop your bleating", 18 October). Would you pay someone from the British National Front to write an article using such "illogical" thought and prejudice as to why anyone non-white should "go back where they came from". No, most probably not. So why print this insulting drivel? I am a sheep farmer and would be delighted if Mr Clark would visit and have an education in agriculture - perhaps he could then write with some authority.

Surely you should provide more factual pieces, explaining perhaps why BSE has never really been a problem of "beef farming" but rather a "dairy cow" problem.

One thing that can be agreed on is that farming is in a mess and will remain so while politicians have the reins.


Lechlade, Gloucestershire