Letter: Supporting mediation

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Sir: Family mediators welcome the Lord Chancellor's positive support of mediation. While the Cabinet considers whether and how to reform divorce law in England and Wales, we emphasise that mediation is a powerful, confidential forum that enables couples to look at their responsibility and review alternatives open to them, including divorce.

Mediation strongly promotes family values by enabling consideration of all the consequences of separation and divorce (parental, personal and financial).

Yours faithfully,

THELMA FISHER, National Family Mediation; LISA PARKINSON, Family Mediators Association; SUSAN MATHESON, Family Mediation Scotland; KATE LEWIS, Northern Ireland Family Mediation Service; MAURA WALL MURPHY, Irish Family Mediation Service; LARRY FONG, LYN JACOBS, Academy of Family Mediators, US; TURID BERGER, Konfliktmeklerne, Norway; HANS BOSERUP, Sonderborg, Denmark; HEIDRUN GERWENS-HENKE, Bonn, Germany

National Family Mediation

London, SE1

2 November