Letter: Tackling stress in the workplace

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Tackling stress

in the workplace

Sir: Dr Peter Graham of the Health and Safety Executive is right to say that "stress costs British business a considerable amount in monetary terms" ("Government sets up inquiry into stress", 13 June). This is part of the message the Trades Union Congress has been sending to Government and employers for a long time.

A recent survey of over 7,000 trade union safety representatives, undertaken by Mori for the TUC, revealed that 68 per cent identified stress as the major health and safety issue for their members, supporting the TUC view that tackling stress in the workplace must be a priority. Trade unions want to work closely with employers and the HSE to develop policies and working practices which will prevent stress-related illnesses and look forward to a constructive role in future policy development.


General Secretary

Trades Union Congress

London WC1