Letter: Tate fund-raiser

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AS THE owner of two very fine Nat Tates, both mysteriously lost, I'm afraid, may I congratulate William Boyd on his brave stand (report, 7 April) against those petty literalists who are rushing to deny the existence of this, quite possibly, remarkable artist. Where will this witch-hunt lead? Must we have El Greco's birth certificate before we can admire the glories of Toledo Cathedral? A letter from Giotto's headmaster before we can be dazzled by the frescoes of Padua?

Surely, in these troubled times we should surely be thankful for any artist without descending into petty ontological speculation.

Indeed, so impressed was I by Boyd's detective work that I am applying to the National Lottery for funds to set up a new permanent collection for all artists - dead, alive, but especially neither.

It would combine an enlightened existential policy with the best traditions of our two great art institutions and be called, appropriately, The Nat Tate Gallery.


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