Letter: Tell me what Labour is for

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Sir: How ironic that in a page-long interview ("We need substance, not style, Prescott tells Blair", 16 August) John Prescott didn't actually refer to any of Labour's "principles and ideas" and still less the "substance" - the presentation of which he disagrees with. How many more opportunities to explain what they really stand for are Labour going to blow before the British public vote in the Conservatives for a fifth term purely out of exasperation and apathy engendered by Labour's shoddy PR campaign?

I am 25 years old and although I voted Conservative in the previous general election, I am now just as keen as anybody to ensure that a proper alternative - one that believes in and cares for this country and all its people and their interests - is voted into office next year.

Two years ago I would have happily voted Labour in a general election purely to get the Conservatives out. Now I know less about what Labour stands for than ever. I'm not surprised that Clare Short is disillusioned - that Tony Blair saw someone as tenacious and honest as her as a liability speaks for itself.

As long as they're not the Conservatives I don't particularly care who wins the next election, be they Liberal Democrats, Greens or Monster Raving Loonies. I might even consider adding Labour to that list if they would only give me something to believe in.