Letter: Tell the people about Europe

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Sir: Sarah Helm (19 March) is right that "ignorance about the way Europe really works suggests there is apathy and confusion". Britain's citizens are bombarded by myths about straight cucumbers and bananas from the tabloids, and misrepresentations from Eurosceptic government ministers.

Our Branch of the European Movement has held 10 information days in shopping centres in the past three years, providing free leaflets from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Commission and the European Parliament, and answering questions. Almost without exception individuals have thanked us, saying they didn't know where to obtain information about the EU.

It must therefore be greatly regretted that our government has told the Commission that it does not wish its people to have access to the Commission's leaflets explaining a common currency. Other EU states have been glad to take up this offer. How can people be expected to vote in a referendum when they have no idea for what they are voting?

Pamela Ward


Huddersfield & District Branch

European Movement

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire