LETTER: Territorial gain

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From Mr Mike Sewell

Sir: Spurn Head ("Twenty-two people who need Hull", 24 February) is not man-made, it is a natural peninsula formed from material eroded from the boulder clay cliffs of Holderness.

Mr Glancey implies that Spurn might go the same way as Sunk Island, ie under water. In fact, Sunk Island exists as dry land on the north bank of the Humber. It began as an island which rose from the Humber in the late 17th century, and a combination of nature and human endeavour caused it to be linked to the mainland.

The stories of Sunk Island and Spurn Head are an ideal example of the belief that "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away."

Yours faithfully,

Mike Sewell

Hornsea, Humberside