Letter: That film: just a crashing bore

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Sir: Crash seems to be triggering a lot of opinionating - much from people who haven't seen it. I can offer our own experience.

Back in July we walked into a Paris cinema to see a movie, chosen for its cast and other circumstances: it was Crash. We hadn't read a word about it - thought it might be a psychological thriller but were utterly open minded.

About half-way through, we walked out of the cinema. We were not shocked, or excited, or horrified ... we were bored to death. You could compare it to force-fed masturbation in unbecoming surroundings. In England, I would have claimed my money back, but it's useless to try with the French.

Now, with all the hype, I'm afraid it may become like the emperor's new clothes. But while a decision to censor it might be disputed ... you are not missing a thing.