Letter: That's what little boys are made of

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Sir: With reference to your article 'Wendy House becomes a sexual battleground' (27 October), anyone who has spent any time in a playgroup with three- and four- year-olds, will know that women's lib and equal opportunities for the sexes are not in the genes.

It is nearer to the world of jargon. The boys hog the climbing frame, repelling any girls like defenders of a medieval castle. The girls retreat to the Wendy House, not because they particularly like cooking pots, but because the boys largely leave them alone there. Many playground leaders are simply unable or unwilling to confront the naked aggression and chauvinism of the boys and resign themselves to defending the rights of the girls in the Wendy House.

The sex-stereotyping of the under-fives comes from the boys and is an extremely potent force, despite the best efforts of play leaders up and down the country.

Yours faithfully,


Cherhill, Wiltshire

27 October