Letter: The analyst's ego

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Sir: The correspondence on Freud (1 February) reminded me of these lines by A. S. J. Tessimond:

The Psycho-analyst

His suit is good, his hands are white.

He smiles all day and sleeps all night

Because he's always, always right.

He states his theory. You agree?

Well then, of course, it's plain to see

That he is right as right can be]

You disagree? Ah, that is mere

Resistance to the facts you fear:

Truth is confirmed, the case is clear]

So you are free as air to choose,

Take his advice or spurn his views,

But heads he wins and tails you lose.

His feet are large, his cares are light,

His analytic eyes are bright,

He glows with pride as well he might.

The analyst is always right.

Yours sincerely,