Letter: The battle of Brighton beach

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Sir: Your timely piece by Jonathan Glancey ('Sun, sea and . . . concrete?', 24 August) about the outrageous planning application to concrete over part of Brighton beach and thereupon erect a garish Disneyesque whooppee reaches into only one aspect of the affairs of Brighton and its borough. It seems certain that the Peter Pan's Playground will be quashed but the manner of its support by the borough is something else which needs close scrutiny. Then there is the almost total lack of proper surveillance of listed and graded buildings by this local authority.

Brighton should be a shining gem in the coronet of England's south coast, and although the Pavilion has been restored and some of the gardens attached to it are pleasing, much else of this historic town has been allowed to degenerate into a slum - although there is now a proposal to create a joint committee for the preservation of Regency Brighton. But first we must win the 'Battle of Brighton Beach' and, as Churchill said 'we shall fight upon the beaches' - indeed we shall and we shall win.

I am, Sir, your obedient




25 August