LETTER: The best CVs are ignored Employers must go for gold

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INSTEAD of using my resources writing to you, I should be producing yet another shoal of job applications, although my letter stands a better chance of publication than I have of interview, ("Illiterate CVs from graduates put them straight on scrap heap", 2 July). My 400 job submissions have been immaculate, as are most of those from the mature long-term managerial unemployed. We have been on courses, and succinctly present our real experience through information technology.

If employers restrict their visions to the flea markets, they will get flea-bitten. Why should I sympathise with policies to recruit at the lowest rates with the cheapest overheads, compliant ingenues unlikely to benefit any organisation? Thousands of professionals like me saw our redundant posts taken by the clueless subservients we trained, and the few gaps below filled from the transitory scran bag. Being terminally unemployed, we are not invited for interview because we are apparently too old to hold a knife and fork. This achieves the highest apparent profits without expanding markets, justifies obscene "reward" at the top, and eventually places this country economically below unpopulated South Georgia.

Employers must put the best CVs on top of the pile, pay attention to hardening arteries, and throw out the rubbish. Instead of moaning about poor submissions, they should read the others and go for gold.

Ralph Gee