LETTER :The best ways to treat trauma

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Sir: The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) does not intend to fund two police forces to provide post-incident trauma counselling for their officers ("Police to get post-disaster counselling", 17 December)

However, HSE hopes to commission a critical review of research on the management of post-incident trauma with a view to producing general advice for all employers. We are currently considering a number of proposals including one from Glasgow Caledonian University, which is currently working with Strathclyde Police and the Royal Ulster Constabulary.

Post-incident trauma can affect not only those caught up in major disasters but also employees in day-to-day incidents such as workplace accidents. Guidance for employers on how best to manage post-incident trauma will not only help employees, it will also minimise the costs incurred by both employers and the National Health Service.


Director of Health Directorate

Health and Safety Executive

London SE1