Letter: The Britain that the tourists want to see

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Sir: Frank Barrett's piece about David Ogilvy's tourism advertising is nave. The pizza pie man from America makes better sense. Americans don't come here to see Hockney or the Lloyd's building. They have better painters and better modern architecture at home. They love our countryside and all the beauties it offers. They also thirst for a dose of our history, which, in a wistful way, they share, God bless them.

I wrote the advertisement you featured. I am alarmed that Mr Barrett thinks my prose is Shakespearean. David Ogilvy deplores belles lettres in advertising. He is right. He himself is a master of simple, muscular prose. Perhaps Mr Barrett should read one of Mr Ogilvy's books on the art of persuasion. It might help his journalism.

Yours sincerely,


Lavenham, Suffolk