Letter: The comprehensive education of Bernie Grant

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From Mr Anthony Potts

Sir: Bernie Grant is absolutely right in his common sense approach to the education dilemma faced by many parents in the country. I have been a member of the Labour Party for over 32 years; I have been a councillor in London, a county councillor in Gloucestershire, and I am a serving member on Gloucester City Council.

In my view, the concept of a true comprehensive system is as valid today as it ever was. However, it is important that we make the decisions for our own children independently of the current system, which will take a long time to change. While I support absolutely the concept of fair and greater opportunities for all, the hypocrisy is to deny your children the best possible education of the day.

In the city of Gloucester we have four so-called comprehensive schools, four so-called grammar schools and one city technology college. Naturally the system does not work.

My wife and I would have no difficulty in sending our children to selective or private schools if we felt it was best for them.

Well done, Bernie, I think most of Britain's backing you, including most Labour voters.

Yours faithfully,

Anthony Potts


27 January