Letter: The comprehensive education of Bernie Grant

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From Mr. C. J. Davies

Sir: Bernie Grant's attack on London's comprehensive schools is simplistic, as is his belief that sending his children to a private school would cure all is naive.

As a parent living in Haringey, I have seen my son attend state schools, with a brief and unsuccessful flirtation with a private school for two years, up to the present, where he is in the final A-level year. In spite of constant cut-backs, his schools seem to have succeeded very well indeed.

I say "seem to" because I recognise that education is a very complex matter, and no single factor is responsible for success, and success is not easy to define. Does Mr Grant take any responsibility in this process, or does he expect it all to be done by the school? Do his children want, or work for, the same success as he would like. Bringing up children is a hit or miss affair, and downright certainty in the matter smacks of arrogance.

Yours faithfully,

C. J. Davies

London, N6

27 January