Letter: The death of James Bulger; imprisonment of young offenders; causes of criminality

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Sir: May I offer some revolutionary ideas on the prevention of juvenile crime? As a mother, I choose not to work full-time while my sons are young and impressionable. They have few new clothes and only one pair of shoes each. They do not have computers, cameras, mountain bikes or Walkmans, although we could afford them. (We do have a video])

Instead, my husband and I had the brilliant idea of giving them our time. We play games with them, read to them, go for walks, cook with them and help them make cards and presents for friends and family. We make sure they eat healthily (and cheaply, by the way), and go to bed in good time.

If they end up as criminals, I'll take it all back but I shall defend these values to all comers.

Yours faithfully,


Bath, Avon

14 February