Letter: The debate over Maastricht

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Sir: One neglected aspect of British reporting of the French debate about Maastricht is the content of the 'Yes' posters. Paris is littered with them, and they read 'Vote Yes for a Social Europe' set alongside a caricature of a bloated capitalist chappie struck out by a large cross.

Is it any wonder, therefore, that the Prime Minister could not find it in him to ask the French to support something he had taken out of the British version of the treaty?

So far as the British splits reported by Anthony Bevins are concerned ('British splits over Maastricht widen', 5 September), has he forgotten that it is the season of elections for Labour's National Executive? It is therefore the time of year for boys and girls who are candidates to show the constituencies how different they are from the leadership, on the immature basis that constituencies want an NEC that is anti- leadership.



MP for Birmingham Perry Barr


House of Commons

London, SW1

6 September