Letter: The fallacy of ethnic territorial claims

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Sir: Might the apparent rejection of the Vance-Owen plan by the Bosnian Serbs suggest that some new thinking is at last necessary? Or is the strategy of incrementality sufficient? Does there come a time when experience, goodwill, diplomatic skill, political energy, threats and endless fragile accords only underline the ineffectualness of the EC, Nato, the UN, the US and the UK?

Can group thinking ever produce powerful new ideas? Everyone wants something done about Bosnia while it is on the TV screens, but no one wants to pay the financial or military costs of this operation and the ones that will follow elsewhere.

The world is roughly divided into PCAs (pizza crust avoiders) and PCEs (pizza crust eaters). Democratic leaders today seem to need to be PCAs, which makes it difficult for them to follow the public's sensible thinking that something should be done so long as someone else does it. Why not call a 'now thinking' conference on the issue?

Yours sincerely,