Letter: The fear that forces cyclists on to the pavement

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Sir: Colin Wheeler (Letters, 12 July) is rightly concerned about the increasing use of pavements by cyclists. The Pedestrians Association also deplores this practice, and have issued a joint statement with the Cyclists Touring Club, stating that the cyclist's place is on the carriageway, and that pavements are for pedestrians.

Walking as a means of transport is declining rapidly (down by 20 per cent since 1976) and local authority engineers see empty pavements, and are increasingly condoning or even encouraging cyclists to make use of them, instead of making proper provision for them on the road where they should be - and would prefer to be if it were safer.

Reducing traffic speeds in towns would make the roads safer for cyclists. Many pedestrians also drive cars. They should remember when they do so that their desire for speed has the effect of pushing cyclists on to pavements, and threatening those on foot.


Pedestrians Policy Group

London NW1