Letter: The future of environmental policies as the Green Party falters

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Sir: The woolly minded members despised and deserted by Sara Parkin and her entourage may be few, but we are not ready for recycling, let alone rubbishing (leading article, 11 September). Her faction 'Green 2000' was greeted by the media as a breath of refreshing realism when it seized control of the Green Party last year. The true 'realists' were not so easily deceived.

Parkin and Porritt wanted followers, not activists, and promised a Green government by the year 2000, hence the name. Without a natural constituency, had this dream come true, it would have been a nightmare of environmental fascism.

The refashioned Green Party can no longer afford to flirt with the fickle media and massage the middle-class consumer. Our supporters are those who see the need for change. Our task is to subvert the dominant paradigm.

Yours faithfully



West Midlands Area Green Party

Hall Green, Birmingham

11 September