Letter: The greening of minimum wage

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Sir: What is the connection between "Hole in ozone layer", and "MPs unite on right to work plan?" (reports, 8 March). You can have either the ozone layer or a minimum wage, but not both.

A minimum wage could work only in an expanding economy, which would mean ignoring worries about the environment. Once you recognise that the economy must serve the eco-sphere, andthat some jobs will have to go, a minimum wage will do exactly what the Tories say it would.

An ever-expanding economy is not feasible, but a buoyant sustainable one is. The Green Party's Basic Income - an automatic payment to everyone whether working or not - combines a work incentive not found at present with a freedom not to work. It is not an easy option, but it will do what the minimum wage is intended to do in a way which encourages conservation.

Clive Lord

Batley and Spen Green Party


West Yorkshire