Letter: The horror of grammar schools

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Sir: The Tory plan to provide large grants to schools to become selective (" 'Go grammar' lure for schools", 14 April) prays on the snobbery and prejudice of vulnerable parents which has already caused so much inequity in UK education.

To anyone, like me, who was dumped into a poor secondary school in the late 1940s, due to the 11-plus selection examination, the thought of their return must fill them with horror. Many of these schools were an educational disaster where every child thought they had failed and would fail for the rest of their life - from the age of 11. They were divisive, had the poorest resources and naturally attracted the poorer teachers. There was an entrenched attitude with an unspoken theme which said, "Just bide your time here until you are old enough to go to work."

Rather than some schools getting more money, high-quality education should be for all, powered by good teachers and the best management and a government committed to equal opportunity.