Letter: The human quality found on Radio 3

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Sir: It is fascinating to see one's own listening profile unwittingly staring one in the face in your article ('Radio 3 changes image to attract young listeners') and leading article ('Welcome to the fold', 30 June) about the changes to Radio 3.

Yes, I am male, about 50, and the Saturday morning Record Review is certainly my number one listening delight - but nevertheless I have been enthusiastically looking forward to the choice that Classic FM will provide, and I write this just at the moment when Sir Peter Maxwell Davies has forced me to turn off the radio.

No doubt he and many other modern composers would argue that the BBC and, by definition, Radio 3 must act as an arts patron. I am delighted to learn that, in his new role, Nicholas Kenyon has obviously come to the conclusion that it is the listener who actually has to do the listening - not the critic.

Yours faithfully,




30 June