LETTER : The impact of Charismatics' radical approach

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From Mr Phil Sweet

Sir: So the Rev Francis Bown feels orthodox Christians should be warned against the "Charismatic folly" of personal commitment, healing miracles, baptism in the Holy Spirit, individual salvation and the reality of a lost eternity for those outside of the Church (Letters, 25 August).

Perhaps I, along with millions of other Charismatic evangelical Christians am mistaken, but it seems to me that these are some of the truths that in fact make up orthodox Christianity as found in the teachings of Jesus Christ and the rest of the New Testament.

I would suggest one of the reasons why Mr Bown and others are experiencing a "time of declining support and numbers" in their churches is that they have abandoned New Testament Christianity and its reliance on a supernatural God who still wants to work powerfully in, and through, his church today as he did then.

Your title, suggesting Charismatics are "dangerous", was absolutely correct. New Testament Christianity should be dangerous. It should be dangerous to materialism, racism, nationalism and sexism. It should be dangerous to poverty, homelessness and injustice in our society. It should be good news to all who are without hope and without God.

Yours sincerely,

Phil Sweet

Clevedon, Avon

25 August