Letter: The joys of a peanut butter sandwich

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Sir: After I have spent five years living on peanut butter sandwiches, a seven-year-old, Craig Flatman, informs me I could have had all that nutrition at half the cost by spreading jam instead ("Nothing wrong with jam today", 20 February).

But thank you for giving us the truth about "restricted" diets. My once- a-day sandwich break eliminates indigestion, results in no loss of energy, and saves much time as well as money and washing up. What it leaves out, of course, is the social institutionalisation of three square menus a day, resulting in a constant battle for me to avoid meetings mixed with unwanted lunches and dinners, and to fend off suggestions that my "eating disorder" needs medical attention.

Why shouldn't we grown-up seven-year-olds scrap the recipe book?


London NW10