Letter: The joys of graduation

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Sir: As one of those grannies who was invited to her 40-year- old daughter's graduation ceremony yesterday, let me say a few words in praise of them ("Here's the diploma, now buy the video", 8 July).

Along with my daughter, who at 40 had gained her degree under nearly insuperable difficulties, were her husband and her daughter and me. About 300 graduates of all ages and several nationalities were there - all happily collecting their gowns and mortarboards, greeting friends and loving it all, as were their guests. It was fortunately in lovely weather, like a huge garden party, and what if there was a photographic firm cashing in on the occasion?

I had looked forward to this ceremony for months and would not have missed it for anything. Thirty years ago, I was at my eldest son's ceremony at Oxford. I would gladly have attended my granddaughter's graduation in April last had it not been in Australia!

Let us never dispose of such ceremonies. They are there for ordinary people, grannies and all, especially since the day is fast approaching when a university education will only be for the well-off, and Oxford and Cambridge for the super-rich.

Yours faithfully,

Stella Holmes



9 July