Letter: The masterpieces at Kenwood need full-tme curation

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Sir: It is with concern and regret that I read of the row over the management of Kenwood (report, 29 April).

I have visited it on and off for many years, taking visitors from both England and abroad. The staff invariably create an atmosphere of caring, courtesy and interest towards both the exhibits and the visitors that is rare, indeed almost unique, today. In addition, the beautiful grounds and the spacious kitchens and domestic quarters now successfully turned into a friendly and not too expensive place to eat, seem to reflect the care and concern which its builder, Judge Murray, showed in his judgements even "to a slave".

It would be tragic if these qualities were to be eroded by an impersonal administration and by the sort of cuts we are witnessing daily among the caring institutions we were once so proud of.

Mrs Julian Harvey

London SW1