Letter: The merits of application

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Sir: The anonymous 'high profile finance director' ('Finance directors keep their heads above water', 15 December) should be advised that waiting for his ego to be massaged by head-hunters will win him no friends among his fellow finance directors, many of whom take a much more realistic view on life and do apply to adverts.

Neither should it endear him to any future employer, who should interpret his arrogant attitude to mean that he deems it beneath his dignity ever to apply for a job; nor to the hard-working members of your own advertising sales staff, who daily strive to convince executive selection companies like ours that your paper is the ideal vehicle through which to attract the right candidates for any vacancy for which our more lateral-thinking clients choose to utilise our services to fill.

Head-hunting is fine - but beware you don't lose your scalp in the process.

Yours faithfully,


Luton, Bedfordshire

16 December