Letter: The morality of military intervention in Bosnia

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Sir: In reply to the understandably heartfelt plea from Rebecca Tinsley (Letters, 3 August), I am glad to say that since the autumn of 1991 the British Southern Slav society has actively involved itself in the alleviation of individual human suffering through all the republics of the former Yugoslavia.

Senior officers of this society have driven lorries, full of medical equipment and drugs, to hospitals and medical centres, thus crucially ensuring that every lorry-load gets to its destination and none is lost in transit.

The Bosnia-Herzegovina Emergency Relief Appeal, run from this office, needs donations now to equip new lorry-loads of medical and humanitarian aid for the refugees, wounded and dispossessed from all parts of Bosnia and


Yours truly,



British Southern Slav Society

121 Marsham Street

London, SW1

4 August