Letter: The plane facts about motorway tolls

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Sir: As a frequent user of public transport, I object to the privatisation of British Rail and the additional bureaucracy, costs and inconvenience that will drive more people from our trains on to the roads and destroy more of our country and its atmosphere.

However, as a sometime road-user, I also note one important omission from the Paying for better motorways Green Paper. It appears that the Government has completely overlooked the growing number of airborne vehicles now using our motorways ('Motorists and crew escape as jet hits two cars on M27', 27 May).

It seems motorists must now look up as well as ahead and behind them, lest they collide with an aircraft performing a motorway landing. Considering the vast amount of destruction they cause, shouldn't aircraft owners be made to pay motorway charges, too?

Yours sincerely


London, SW17