LETTER: The return of union militancy

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From Ms Julie Tucker

Sir: For a newspaper that espouses liberal and particularly democratic values, it is disappointing to read your knee-jerk reaction to Labour's proposal for the reinstatement of rights of recognition for trade unions.

If a vote by 51 per cent of employees in a workplace that they want their terms and conditions to be determined by collective bargaining is an unacceptable imposition on businesses, at what point should such a democratic expression of desire by employees be taken into account? Would 60 per cent be too low, or 75 per cent, or even 90 per cent? To deny employees this right after a properly conducted democratic vote would be doubly ironic given that the Conservatives have been "imposed" on the people of this country against the clear will of the majority (57 per cent or more in elections since 1979).

Yours sincerely,

Julie Tucker

London, NW5

12 September