Letter: The rot in Radio 3

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Sir: Fiona Maddocks is mistaken ("Requiem for a man with the wrong vowels", 21 May). It is not the "wrong vowels" of Gambaccini that have produced such violent reactions. It is his style that is wrong and the fundamental mistake was made by the person who appointed Mr Gambaccini without realising this. His "enthusiasm, knowledge, know how" and strong personality are not in question.

As Ms Maddocks rightly points out, the rot in Radio 3 goes far deeper and the drop in listeners show that the changes have failed.

Radio 3 needs confidence and vision. Forget the obsession with "the new look" and let changes evolve as they always have done. Radio 3 has no need to feel threatened by the evangelical style of Classic FM but rather welcome the many new listeners attracted to serious music, by offering top quality programmes.

The controversy shows just how much goodwill there is for this wonderful programme - the jewel in the BBC's crown. Perhaps its time for a little humility and realisation that the listeners are not always wrong.


London SW19