Letter: The Royal Family: a lost generation or a symbol of greater freedom?

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Sir: There is no reason why the royals should not continue to serve as the nation's 'model family'. The reality today is that more and more people are rejecting life- long marriage to the same partner as their pattern of living. Why not a series of love relationships in one's life?

Serial monogamy, promiscuity and celibacy are chosen by many in place of a single partner for life. Thankfully, there is a growing acknowledgement and tolerance of diversity, including attitudes to same-sex relationships.

Who could not be touched by the obvious happiness of the Princess Royal as she marries for a second time? Or the dignity with which the Prince and Princess of Wales have replanned their and their children's relationships? Or, indeed, the life-long marriage of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh? Rather than seeing failure, we should see in the Royal Family a symbol of an ever-greater freedom to choose.

Yours faithfully,


London, SW15

10 December