LETTER : The Scott vote: what hope now for our democratic process?

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From Mr Adam Blackie

Sir: You concluded your leading article "And still they can't come clean" (27 February) by saying that the Conservative Party will "pay a heavy price ... when the real vote comes". I wish that I could share your optimism.

The majority of people in the UK do not bother to vote. This will not change unless one of the major parties introduces reforms such as a voting system by which the party that gets the majority of the vote also gets the majority of the seats, a written constitution to ensure that we all know what behaviour to expect from our leaders, and a Freedom of Information Act to ensure that our leaders are abiding by the rules of the constitution.

None of the parties seem keen to introduce such reforms. Until they do, why should anyone bother to vote at all?

Yours faithfully,

Adam Blackie