Letter: The search for quality broadcasting

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Sir: In his article on the proposed Carlton-Central merger (1 December) Roy Hattersley made a comment which echoes a common misapprehension. Carlton, he wrote 'makes money, not programmes'. Not so. Carlton Television has been structured as a 'publisher- broadcaster', commissioning the majority of its programmes from independent producers.

Those programmes are not bought ready-made off the shelf, but selected and supervised throughout by commissioning editors in much the same way in which heads of department in the BBC and in traditional ITV companies supervise their own in- house staff. The creative and managerial skills are identical, the risks as great.

Independent production has been one of the broadcasting industry's successes over the past decade. Parliament has required broadcasters to devote at least 25 per cent of their output to independent companies, and Carlton Television is delighted to be working with them.

Yours sincerely,


Managing Director

Carlton Television

London, WC2

3 December