LETTER: The signals we send Saddam

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The Independent Online
Sir: Geoff Simons accuses me (letter, 19 January) of misleading your readers and of supporting UN policies that are killing Iraqis. Mr Simons correctly states that resolutions 706 and 712 were passed in 1991 and that the amount of revenue is no lo nger sufficient under present circumstances.

In fact, these resolutions state their purpose is to establish a "scheme for the purchase of foodstuffs, medicines and materials and supplies for essential civilian needs" and that "the sum [is] to be subject to review concurrently by the Council on the basis of its ongoing assessment of the needs and requirements mentioned".

Saddam Hussein is not arguing about the amount of oil sales. He simply refuses to sell oil for "these needs and requirements". He has another agenda. His power is based on two pillars: terror, which he uses to destroy his opponents, and money to pay off his henchmen and increase his military might. Resolutions 706 and 712 are designed to ensure that he does not have sufficient money for these purposes.

Yours faithfully, FAISAL AL-SABAH Director Kuwait Information Centre Embassy of the State of Kuwait London, W1