Letter: The truth about Santa will out

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Sir: "Bah!", roared Scrooge, "Humbug!" "Lies, all lies" screeches your correspondent, Anna Freeman (letter, 2 December).

How dreary! Once a year the notion of Father Christmas provides an opportunity to bring a little happiness, fun and kindness into the lives of children all over the world, even in some countries where the traditional "myths" are very different from our own.

"Pretending" provides one of the joys of childhood, all too soon to be overtaken by the necessity of having to face up to the realities of life. Was there ever a child that suffered injury from having believed in Father Christmas and his reindeer?

In any case if, as Anna Freeman asserts, God and heaven are myths, how on earth can it be a sin to tell lies?

Yours faithfully,

John Rawlins

Holn, Devon

4 December