Letter: The value of religion in political life

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Sir: All Western religious people - Jews, Christians, Muslims - are called to serve in politics, and they know full well they can never live up to their founders' ideals ("Anyone can play Bible games", 8 April). That should not stop them from getting their hands dirty and this happens to professional religionists just as much. Instead of your perfectionist carpings, they need our understanding.

But even worse is your assumption that Tony Blair shouldn't play the Christian card because of "the majority who are young, faithless and sceptical". Even that can be statistically challenged - 50 per cent of society believe in the resurrection of Christ but the main point is that it is good to see where our politicians are coming from, and it is great to find anyone willing from any party to try to relate the best in Western religion to political life. Without that we are faced with a moral vacuum and political vacuousness.

The Rev Charles Brock

Director of Ministerial

Training and Chaplain

Mansfield College